Monday, June 28, 2010

Connecticut Copper Cent, Part II

Hi folks!

I know we previously posted a blog about Connecticut Copper Cents, but this time we found one that is complete! The coin is well worn, but the letters on the observe are visible "AUCTORI CONNECTICUT" around an almost completely rubbed away statesman. On the reverse of the coin is Brittania as the personifcation of American Liberty with only part of the words "INDI ET LIB" visible around the edge. The coin dates to some time between the end of the revolutionary war and the signing of the US Constitution in 1790, and from what I can read this coin may date to 1787, but the date is too worn to be sure.

Unfortunately this coin is also too well worn to determine exactly which one of the 350 possible designs it is! Most of these differences involved changes to the obverse side of the coin, with some of the stranger looking portraits earning nicknames like "Hercules Head" and "Laughing Head." Not only did the shape of the statesman's head change, but on some coins it faces to the right, while on this one it faces to the left. Take a look here to see some of the varieties in more detail, such as one of the 1787 versions shown below (thanks to the website for the information and images!) .

I say we get back out in the field and find one of these coins with a legible date! We plan to be down in Port Tobacco tomorrow-I hope to see you there!


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