Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Greetings

The Gibb Archaeological Consulting (GAC) team parted for a long holiday weekend on Wednesday. We celebrated with lunch and this delectable apple pie baked by Kelley

It has been a great year working with Pete, Anne, Kelley, Scott, and the stalwart Port Tobacco Irregulars (volunteers). Interesting work is all well and good, but the warmth of comradeship, collegiality, and good humor make a wonderful team, and that is what we have: a truly great group of people.

I've already extended best holiday wishes to the GAC team, and now I wish all of our readers a peaceful and enjoyable holiday. We each face individual challenges, and our country has hit a rough spot in the road. I am convinced, however, we can deal with most ills--not all, perhaps--with hard work, mutual respect, and a bit of good will.


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