Monday, December 28, 2009

Befuddled by baffling Buckley

Not many guesses on last week's blog? (Elsie scored!) I hope it was not because the ceramic was particularly difficult to identify...but due to the fact that all of our readers were stuffing themselves with turkey, pie, cookies, or other holiday treats. Well, as many of you probably know, this ceramic is known as Buckley-ware. It is an English-made ceramic that dates to the mid 17th-19th centuries. These wares are less common in sites dating to after the American Revolution, when the importation of British goods slowed. The color of the paste varies from a light red and yellow to a dark purple with yellow swirls, and may contain inclusions of sand. These dark lead-glazed vessels came in many forms for cooking, storage, and table use.

This week's artifact is one you have probably come across if you have ever worked at a prehistoric site. Any ideas? For bonus points identify the type of material as well as the artifact!


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