Thursday, October 29, 2009

In the News

A busy and somewhat hectic day at Port Tobacco. Anne and Kelley spent an hour or more with a photographer from the local newspaper showing some of the artifacts that we have recovered. The photographs will accompany interviews conducted by journalist Nancy McCanaty regarding Charles County's important artifacts and how they are cared for.

Pete has written a short blurb about the PTAP and Swann House work for the Society for Historical Archaeology Newsletter, a publication for professionals.

Today we began the tedious job of carefully documenting the exposed foundation of the Swann House, drawing each brick and stone. We should complete that work next week when we return to the site.

I spent some time with Dr. Dorothy Barbour, owner and occupant of Stagg Hall, one of three surviving 18th-century buildings in Port Tobacco and one of the best preserved in Maryland. It has been Mrs. Barbour's dream to see Stagg Hall become a museum in a larger outdoor museum celebrating the history of Port Tobacco.

Anne and Kelley will be in the office tomorrow working on technical reports and writing a blog, while Pete and I join Scott in finishing the cemetery restoration at Patuxent River Naval Air Station. I'll blog on that work this Saturday.


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