Thursday, July 2, 2009

Scenes from the Field Session-2

This photo was taken by Stephanie before I arrived at the field session so I am not sure what units are being excavated here but you can see a dark circular feature to the right of the image. In the background is Mark and his son who provided their services to refill all our excavation units once we were done digging. Backfilling by hand is not a fun task. Mark provided both the machinery and his time to save us a lot of time and energy. Thanks Mark!


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Dear April Beesaw and Port Tobacco Volunteers and Staff:
Thank you for putting up with our daughter.Your time given and teaching were greatly appreciated. We know that alot of work went into the internship at Port Tobacco.I am sure she got alot of knowledge from it.Hope you have a good summer.

Thanks again:
Mike and Pat Schlegel