Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Preparing for Guests

April, Pete, Carol, Elsie, Anne, and Stephanie descended on Port Tobacco today, polishing up Burch House for the field session and reestablishing the grid. April broke a nail. Next week we start delivering equipment. Hopefully no more nails will be broken.

Pete, while working with the total station in the field, met Mr. Vincent Jamieson. Mr. Jamieson has given us permission to work in his fields, as has Mr. Calvin Compton, so we are going to have some great sites to work on.

This Saturday at J. Patterson Park & Museum in Calvert County we will hold a historic ceramics workshop in preparation for the field session. We'll be in the Conference Room of the MAC lab. Plan to attend and bring lunch. If the weather cooperates, we will visit our host, Dr. Tricia Samford, in the field. She'll be working on a site near the MAC lab.


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