Thursday, May 14, 2009

April Leaves Town Under a Cloud!

April saddled her horse and headed west this morning and, with luck, should be riding into Tiffin, Ohio, as I write this posting. We got a lot of planning done and we are well on our way to completing preparations for the field session.

This afternoon, Dan Coates dropped off several recently completed screens. As April would say, they look marvelous. He also dropped off components for our field shower, including a propane fired water heater.

Early this morning, Belinda Urquiza sent me a spreadsheet with field session registrations to date. We have 39 people registered for the first day, 12 for the last day, and about 50 for everyday in between. We could use a crew cook, an events organizer, and a trained psychiatrist to counsel each of the PTAP team members.


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