Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Tomorrow (Thursday, May 21) the PTAP crew invades Port Tobacco. The team established a beach head at Burch House last week, now we set up the excavation area for the Archeological Society of Maryland's 39th (?) annual field session.

For those arriving early, please note that we want you to park on the field and not in the paved parking lot (reserved for visitors) and certainly not in the driveways of the residents. We want to make this effort as painless as possible for the several households in and immediately around town, so please be courteous to our hosts.

Upon arriving on Friday, there will be a registration station at which you can check in. Please check in each and every day, regardless of whether or not you have registered. If the registration table has not been set up when you arrive, or is not yet staffed, please check in some time during the day.

The Burch House can still use a couple of lamps, so if you would like to donate lights, now would be a good time.

We will be reporting from the field most days, although communications may be irregular until April arrives Tuesday evening.

See you all in the trenches.


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