Thursday, May 21, 2009

2009 Field Season Begins!

I am sure the Jim, Pete, Scott, Anne, and Stephanie have their hands full today! Before fieldwork can begin tomorrow they have to transport a ton of field equipment to Port Tobacco, set up our datum points, establish NE corners of our starting units. But that is not all. They need to set up all of our documentation systems, print and copy provenience cards, bag tags, field specimen number lists, and the field manual. They also need to set up their living quarters in the Burch House, buy groceries for the next 24 hours, set up showers, and strategically place rented port-a-johns before BBQing their first field meal tonight.

Don't worry. With the help of our dedicated volunteers and members of the Maryland Archeological Association and Maryland Historical Trust, it will all get done. Fieldwork begins at 8am on Friday and lasts until June 30. We will be digging at least 6 days a week during these 6 weeks so the blog will come alive again with reports from the field.

I will be a bit tardy in my arrival. I have a few things to finish up here in Tiffin, Ohio before I load up the van with our three interns (Allison, Magen, and Katharine) and drive down to Port Tobacco. The Heidelberg University crew will arrive around dinner time on Tuesday night...just about when the A team will be in need of reinforcements. We will stay in PT for the duration of the field season.

Let the digging begin!


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