Wednesday, March 25, 2009

And the winners are....part 2.

The second intern to join us for the summer is Magen.

Magen worked at Port Tobacco during the March Campiagn, as one of the Heidelberg Five. Her previous archaeology experience comes from field schools in Ohio and Virginia (Poplar Forest) and her research on marbles and carved bone from Johnson's Island. Magen will be a Junior at Heidelberg in the fall so there is still plenty time for her to work with us on Port Tobacco after the summer internship.

While I will be looking to Allison to help with fieldwork supervision, Magen is going to take an active role in helping us document some of the more unique artifacts as they come out of the ground. We will try to bring those artifacts to our blog readers through photos and descriptions in a more timely fashion than has been our norm. Maybe even within 24 hours of their discovery. We'll see how things progress.


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