Tuesday, March 24, 2009

And the winners are....

PTAP offered summer internships to three Heidelberg University students today. Pete suggested that I blog about our new recruits. For today I will give you a brief profile of our most senior intern, Allison.

Allison is a senior at Heidelberg and in the honors program. Her senior capstone project is entitled "Ceramics as a Sign of Prisoner Treatment through Time at Johnson’s Island Civil War Prison Camp." I saw Allison give a presentation on her research at Heidelberg's annual student research conference and she is an excellent public speaker. Afterwards, I got to meet her mom who told me about her daughter's love for archaeology starting at a young age.

Allsion has completed fieldschools at Johnson's Island (OH), Strawtown (IN), and Valladloid (Spain) and has volunteered at excavations and at the local history museum. Her resume is as jam packed as a student intern's resume can get and is full of highlights that would make any mom proud.

I will be relying on Allison's experience to help keep everything organized and running smoothly during our 5 week summer field session.

Welcome aboard.


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