Friday, December 12, 2008

History Hootenanny at the College of Southern Maryland

It's just 11PM and I'm just back from La Plata. The College of Southern Maryland hosted the unveiling of a new book published by the Smallwood Foundation and attended by US Rep. Steny Hoyer, State Del. Murray Levy, all of the Charles County Commissioners, and a variety of other dignitaries and a large crowd of well-wishers. We were all there to celebrate the publication of Pathway to History, a scholarly work on the history of Charles County.

The project was spearheaded by Mike Sullivan--a native Countian of unbelievable energy and unquenchable love for his community and its history--and drew on the scholarship of Dr. Julie King, Dr. Christine Arnold-Lourie, and Ms Susan Shaffer, and the talents of a number of designers, photographers, editors, organizers.

I only flipped through the book, but it is well-illustrated and well-produced and, if the few snippets I read are any indication, well-researched and well-written. Just goes to show what the community of historians and archaeologists can do with leadership, hard work, and a clearly defined sense of purpose. Such lessons are worth the investment of a Friday night.



Ken Wedding said...

IT would be a good idea to post information here about how the book can be purchased.

Jim said...

It was late and I was far too tired to post the ordering information. I am now awake (more or less) and I have the order form in front of me:
The Smallwood Foundation
P.O. Box 7
Mount Victoria, MD 20661
$69.95 per copy and $6 shipping.
Sounds like a lot, but it is well-illustrated, well-produced, and a work of substance. Should make an excellent gift for county residents and history fans.

Elsie said...

for more information about the book.