Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Map Source

Yesterday Pete said a few words about maps and their importance as both resources for and products of our research. One of my favorite sources is the Library of Congress American Memory website. Here is the URL:

Just click on maps and type in Martenet for scanned 19th-century atlases of several Maryland counties. Or type in a subject keyword or phrase like "Charles County, Maryland" and see what pops up.

For those of you interested in Prince George's County, Maryland, or want to see what a county can do to make its cartographic and planning resources available for researchers and activists, check out This site, although a little difficult to navigate has layers of historic aerial photographs (1938, 1965, 1993, 1998) that can be superimposed on the modern road network. It also has the 1861 Martenet map and current tax map with attached property data.


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