Friday, August 29, 2008

13 Star Button

Previously I stated that there were more interesting buttons to blog about, so here's the next installment.

In Unit 10 Stratum 2 was found a metal button with 13 stars on it. This, as it turns out, would be the second military button found during the field session. I wrote earlier about the mid 19th Century button we found.

I remember when this button was found and everyone at the time, including myself, immediately thought it was a military button, and we were right. The button dates from about 1915-1950 but was mainly used during WWII as a clothing button for pants. While it's not one of our older artifacts, it is still an artifact just like any other we have found.

An interesting topic this brings up is this...

We have evidence of Port Tobacco taking part in the Revolutionary War, The War of 1812, and the Civil War. But after that we have stopped looking as the 20th Century is not one of the time frames the project is interested in at this point (it may be looked at in the future). So what role did Port Tobacco and its residents play in the major wars of the 20th Century? I'm sure a look at the census records and military records will help us answer this question. A research topic for another day.
- Peter

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