Friday, July 25, 2008

Wanton Destruction and Stupidity

I apologize for not getting a posting out yesterday. I returned late from meetings and site visits in the northern part of the state. It wasn't all fun.

I stopped in Glen Arm, Baltimore County, to meet with the pastors of a small African Methodist Episcopal church. They were concerned about the possibility of human burials in an area into which they hope to expand their existing church. While we were looking over the area and discussing potential problems, they noted that just a week earlier vandals toppled a number of gravestones in the cemetery, two photographs of which appear below.

This sort of thing happens...a lot. It happens to cemeteries, it happens to historic buildings, it happens to archaeological sites. If you see people milling around a historic site at odd hours or behaving in an inappropriate way, please call the police. Maybe it's nothing, but let the police determine that. They'll appreciate the tip.

I'll get back to more cheerful subjects later today or tomorrow.


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