Saturday, July 26, 2008

PortTobacco on the Road and the Trail

Pete tells me that we will complete artifact washing this Tuesday at the Crownsville lab. We will then start labeling artifacts and, of course, cataloguing will continue. Until we get all of the material catalogued and the maps and profiles drafted, analysis can proceed only fitfully. In the meantime, however, the team is beginning to put some of what we have learned to use and we are developing approaches for sharing what we will be learning once those analyses are complete.

(1) Between September 11 and 14, the Port Tobacco Archaeological Project will have a traveling exhibit at the Charles County Fair. It will be in the Flower Building along with other exhibits related to the 350th aniversary of Charles County. The object of the exhibit is engage visitors in conversation about local archaeology and the responses of Port Tobaccoans to the sedimentation of the river that was its source of livelihood. We would like to staff the exhibit for 32 hours over those four days and I will be asking for volunteers to supplement project staff.

(2) Charles County awarded a contract to Gibb Archaeological Consulting (that's me) to explore the potential for developing an interpretive trail with signage from Thomas Stone National Historic Site to Chapel Point State Park by way of Port Tobacco. We will be looking for input from community and other interested parties. Stay tuned for announcements about public meetings and other bulletins. The trail will give us the opportunity to highlight finds from the June ASM field session, as well as new finds from work later this year and in subsequent years.

(3) I have proposed, informally, to several board members of the Charles County Archaeological Society the compilation of a book on Charles County archaeology. This would be a readable, well-illustrated work geared towards the widest possible audience in the county and surrounding jurisdictions. Suggestions for content, funding, etc., are welcome.

These are plans in the works. We are always open to new ideas about what the project might do and how...just hit the comment button and speak your mind.


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