Thursday, May 22, 2008

North Field Completed

Pete and Elsie completed the survey of the north field (that just south of Port Tobacco). At the south end they found traces of yet another 18th-century site.

Fears that I had for all of the fields came true for the south half of the north field: the same gravelly deposits that cover much of Port Tobacco appear to have covered this portion of the north field. Surface collecting the plowed soils, therefore, probably has not given us a true representation of what lies below. We found scatters of brick and some wine bottle glass indicative of a relatively early site, but the objects do not cluster. I suspect that the plow barely touched the buried deposits. Perhaps in the future we can go back and employ the same close-interval shovel testing strategy that we used throughout Port Tobacco.

Tomorrow we go back to the south field. It could take us two days to finish.


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