Saturday, May 24, 2008

Archaeological Society

On May 13, the Charles County Archaeological Society became an institution when it voted in six officers: Paula Martino, president; Carol Cowherd, vice-president; Jane Keller, treasurer; Belinda Urquiza, secretary; Elsie Picyk and Gary Frick, at-large board members.

Today, the board of the Archeological Society of Maryland accepted our petition to be a chapter in the Society.

Also at the board meeting I learned that we have quite a few people registered to participate in the field session at Port Tobacco, June 13 through 23. As I recall, there are between nine and twenty-one registrants for each of those 11 days.

To prepare, we could use a few things...just loans:
(1) Microwave, hotplate, outdoor grill and any other camp-type cooking equipment.
(2) Ice chests.
(3) Some sturdy chairs and tables for use in the Burch House.


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