Friday, April 18, 2008

Port Tobacco in the News

From the Washington Post
The Charles County commissioners and other officials and residents gathered Saturday at the reconstructed Port Tobacco Courthouse to reenact the signing of the document that created the county in 1658.

Dressed in costumes appropriate to the Colonial period, the commissioners affixed signatures to the Order of the Council of State, which led to the founding of Charles County 350 years ago. During Saturday's portrayal, the document was presented to horsemen, just as was done in 1658, for delivery to the Colonial governor in St. Mary's City.

The new county was named for Sir Charles Calvert, the Third Lord Baltimore.

Events commemorating the county's birthday are planned throughout the year.
Photos of the event are available at the Washington Post site.

Of course anyone who has been following our blog knows that no such event ever occurred at the Port Tobacco courthouse. But who are we to spoil historical re-enactment fun?


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