Wednesday, April 16, 2008

June 1864 in Port Tobacco, Version B

A few days ago I posted a summary of events surrounding Walter Bowie's 1864 visit to Port Tobacco. I obtained my information from a single website. Afterwards, I received an email from Jim Dunbar, Publicity Office of the Pvt Wallace Bowling Camp 1400, Sons of Confederate Veterans. Jim provided some corrections to the account.

According to Jim, Bowie was a Lieutenant in the Virgina Calvary known as Mosbys Rangers. He came to Port Tobacco in October, not June, 1864, with 7 of him men. They captured 17 Federal soldiers and 8 horses. Bowie himself was killed during this trip to Maryland, while in Montgomery County.

Hopefully more Civil War historians will provide us with details of events that occurred in Port Tobacco but that are otherwise outside of our research agenda.

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