Sunday, April 20, 2008

Other Fields of Inquiry

Lest our readers think that the PTAP team spends all of its time on Port Tobacco research, I thought I might share one of several projects that Pete and I are currently working on. (Scott and April have their own lengthy lists.) We have been working with the Northern Chesapeake Archeological Society on a one portion of the Maryland Canal, one of the nation's earliest canals, in operation between 1802 and the 1830s. Here is a view of one of the locks after Dan Coates, Jack Davis, and other members of that merry band finished clearing the brush. Dan provided the images.

We are documenting the canal locks, prism, and associated structures and deposits. I expect we will have something on the GAC website ( and the ASM website ( as soon as project leader Ann Perrson completes some of the analysis and Pete gets the drafting up to date. Stay tuned.
We'll present other tidbits from our non-Port Tobacco professional lives from time to time. I hope you will find them interesting. Tomorrow, back to the business of Port Tobacco.

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