Friday, April 25, 2008

Fast Line Between Richmond and Washington

We have been talking a lot about the Civil War history of Port Tobacco lately. The town's location, between Richmond and Washington, ensured that it would have a part in that war.

Port Tobacco saw Richmond-Washington traffic long before the Civil War, as this advertisement shows.

From Daily National Intelligencer, Washington, Friday, September 30, 1814
Source: William and Mary Quarterly Vol 14 No. 2, April 1934 p 168-169



Ken Quantock said...

The 4am departure from Richmond and the next day 6pm arrival in DC certainly was a long commute and almost unbelievable. Will future generations think our current I-95 commute from Richmond to DC equally unbelievable?

April M. Beisaw said...

When the teleporter is online they will. :)
With gas prices the way they are a teleporter sure sounds good right now.