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According to the below, it was not a good idea to go against the Resolutions of the Continental Congress:

To the Honourable the Deputies for MARYLAND, met in Convention at ANNAPOLIS:
The humble Petition of PATRICK GRAHAM, of PORT-TOBACCO, in CHARLES County, sheweth:
That some time ago he very justly incurred the displeasure and resentment of the County, and the censure of the Committee of Charles County, for a breach of the Resolves of the honourable Continental Congress, by aiding a certain John Baillie secretly to land and dispose of sundry Goods imported by him contrary to those Resolves: Your Petitioner sincerely laments his imprudence and ill conduct, and being deeply sensible of his offence, with contrition for the same, and his most solemn promise and assurance, never more to do or encourage any thing inimical to American freedom, he most humbly solicits this Convention that he may be restored to his former rights of a citizen, as he has already suffered greatly, not only in his own person, property, and reputation, but should he continue much longer in the present situation, his offence must reduce an innocent wife and four young children to beggary and ruin.
We, the subscribers, being satisfied of the hearty repentance of Patrick Graham, set forth in the above Petition, do recommend him to the consideration and clemency of the honourable Convention.
T. B. Franklin,
Samucl C. Barron,
James Mudd, Jim.,
Daniel McPherson,
Joseph Marbury,
Thomas R. Cookley,
Walter McPherson,
Charles Gates,
John Luckett,
Zephaniah Turner,
Thomas Simmes,
Samuel Adams,
Marcus Latimer,
Edward Davis,
J. Parnham,
Thomas Waters,
Joseph W. Harrison,
James Waters,
Samuel Stone, Jun.,
Samuel Hanson, Jun.,
Ledstone Godfrey,
Joseph Aderton,
William Taylor,
Wm. McPherson, Jr.,
Walter Winter,
Andrew Munitwood,
William Waters,
George Swan,
Thomas Marshall,
Samuel Marshall,
Bennet Dyson,
William Davis,
Josias Smoot,
Bennet H. Clements,
Francis Shephard,
Benjamin Wood,
Charles Goodrich,
Belah Posey,
Edward Warren,
Edw. Boarman, Sen.,
Benjamin Douglass,
Richard Speake,
Raphael Boarman,
John B. Delozide,
Charles Garner,
Wm. Barton Smoot,
Ignatius Lucket,
William McConchie,
Burr Barnes,
Hezekiah Garner,
Alex. McPherson, Jr.,
Edward Sanders,
Jno. Christo. Layman,
Henry Gardner,
Henry Barnes,
James Farnandis,
Peter H. Proley,
Henry Ward,
Matthew Garner,
Henry Boarman,
Joseph Thompson,
James Seward,
Peter Davis,
Zephaniah Franklin,
Thomas Posey,
Wm. H. Smallwood,
Raphael Neale,
Edward Smoot,
David Philpot,
Jno. F. Regis Sanders,
Joseph Sims,
Walter Pye,
James Clarke,
Hy. Massey Hanson,
George Elgin,
John Sanders,
Walter Hanson,
Thomas Thornton,
Samuel Cox,
Anthony C. Gray,
Benjamin V. Posoy,
Thomas H. Powell,
Francis Posey,
Thos. Howe Red gate,
William Elgin, Sen.,
Samuel Briscoe,
Ben Carwood, Jun.,
John Stone,
Henry Chandler,
Stephen Chandler,
James Mudd,
Thomas H. Morrison,
Francis Clements,
Jonathan Sposnal,
Edw. Scott Ware,
Notley Maddocke, Sr.
John Manning,
Anthony Rowe,
Philip Webster,
Thomas McPherson,
Walter Hanson, Jun.,
Notley Maddocke, Jr.,
Robert Surrat,
William Campbell,
James Simms,
Samuel Stone,
Thomas Hanson,
Joseph Boswell,
Garrard Boarman,
G. B. Causin,
R. Bennet Boarman,
William Jones,
James Vineyard,
William Cox.
John Clements, of F.,

Friday, July 28, 1775.
Met according to adjournment.
Benedict Edward Hall, John Beall Howard, Francis Holland, and Benjamin Rumsey, appeared for Harford County.
Dr. William Molleston and Benson Stainton, for Caroline County.
Nathaniel Ramsay and William Rumsey, for Cecil County.
Josias Beall, for Prince George’s County.
Alexander Somerville, for Culvert County.
Brice Thomas Beale Worthington, for Anne Arundel County.
The Petition of Patrick Graham, of Charles County, Tailor, praying a “remission of the sentence of the Committee of Charles County, and that he might be restored to the privileges of a citizen,” being read and considered: It is thereupon,
Resolved, That the said Patrick Graham be allowed to exercise his former trade of a Tailor, and that he also be permitted to buy provisions and other necessaries for the use of his family; and that the said Patrick Graham be allowed and permitted to collect and receive all just debts due to him, and that all persons be permitted to employ the said Patrick Graham as a Tailor, and to sell him provisions and other necessaries for his family; but that the said Patrick Graham be not allowed to carry on any traffick or merchandise, until it be otherwise resolved by this or some Future Convention. (No. 1.)
Convention adjourns till to-morrow morning, ten o’clock.

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