Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Our Logo Designer

My name is Alex Baird; I designed the logo which was chosen to represent the Port Tobacco Archeological Project.

The logo was created in Adobe Illustrator. After struggling with different concepts (including many fruitless attempts to draw a convincing tobacco plant), I finally decided to depict a landmark of the town - the Chimney House - in a simplified, abstract manner, and to let the project name take a more prominent role in the design.

The typefaces used are, I think, the real attraction, and for them I cannot take any credit. The words "Port Tobacco" are in Strange Newes, a beautiful font based on 17th-century typography, created by Scottish artist and type designer Feòrag NicBhrìde. The other words are done in Hypatia Sans Pro.

As for myself, I live in Toronto, Ontario with my parents and our small menagerie of pets. I'm currently studying digital publishing and graphic design at George Brown College, and I hope to someday earn a living as a freelance graphic designer. Until I get to that skill and confidence level, I am available for small projects (such as logo design) free of charge; if anyone would like to commission such a project, they may contact me at alexandrabaird(at)rogers.com.

I was quite surprised to learn that I won this logo contest, especially since the other submissions were so beautiful and so skillfully done. I wish to thank PTAP for providing this opportunity, which allowed me to practice my nascent skills, and to (in a very small way) contribute to their worthy project.


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