Sunday, March 2, 2008

MAAC Conference, Part Deux

Today was the final day of the Middle Atlantic Archaeological Conference. Jim and Peter presented papers on research in Prince George's County, Maryland (north of Port Tobacco's Charles County).

Jim's paper was entitled "A Burned Earthfast House in Prince George's County, Maryland". The house is part of a site called Garrett's Chance #2 (18PR703 is the official site number). Evidence recovered during excavations at the site suggest that a Dutch-style jambless hearth heated the house and may have been the source of the fire that destroyed the structure in the 1730s or 1740s.

Peter's paper was entitled "Single Component Late Archaic Sites in Prince George's and Cecil Counties, Maryland". The sites, Octoraro Farm (18CE16) and Accokeek Point (18CE16), were small, under 100 feet in diameter, and located along relict stream channels. Despite their similarities, one site was rich in artifacts and the other had small artifact yields. Peter disucced the need for proper sampling intervals in order to identify these low-density sites to gain an increased understanding of Maryland's Late Archaic time period.

Both Jim and Peter did an excellent job with their presentations and were worth getting up early on a Sunday morning...after a night of dancing. I wont say who was dancing, just that some of were alseep way too early in the evening for the last night of a conference...and it probably wasn't who you thought it may be.



Scott said...

I know! It was Jim as party animal for the night. Most of you don't know that Dr. Gibb is one of the unknown Bee Gees. He was supposed to join Maurice, Barry, and Andy Gibb, but they kicked him out of the band. Lucky for us but, his break dancing skills are legendary. Jim: Get down with your bad self, so to speak.

Dancing Willow said...

Scott, everyone knows Maurice, Barry & Robin were the true Bee Gee's. Dr. Gibb wasn't allowed in because they were jealous of his "ear-cupping" technique. Andy was a solo artist. Brush up on that Bee Gee trivia - honestly!

Scott said...

Thank you, Disco Queen.

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