Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Blue Dog

I am sad today. Very sad. Think about how you would feel if your family went to the beach for a weekend of fun and frolic and you couldn’t go. Then they return home and decide they are going on an archaeological dig at Port Tobacco on a warm March day. Again, you cannot go. I am crying right now.

Since I am so depressed right now, I thought I’d share a good ghost story! Now, understand, I was never a believer in the paranormal and certainly did not believe in ghostly apparitions, but the following tale may be grounded into some historic truth. Here is how the legend goes:

After the American Revolution, Charles Thomas Simms was returning from Port Tobacco after a night of drinking in one of the taverns to his home on Rose Hill Road with his faithful blue dog. It seems that Simms had a substantial amount of gold that he kept buried under a large rock on his property. On that fateful night, Henry Hanos decided that he would kill Simms and his dog and steal the gold. After committing the murder, Hanos reburied his ill-gotten booty near a Holly tree. When he went to recover the gold, the faithful, yet ghostly blue dog appeared, scaring Hanos away. The story says Hanos quickly became ill and died.

The legend also says that on February 8th, one can see this deceased doggy appear near the rock where the gold was originally buried. Being one that was skeptical, I decided to find this stone in the wee hours of last February 8th. Imagine my shock and horror when the dog appeared! I managed to contain my fear long enough to take the picture below:

I ran away really fast after I snapped the picture. I was scared.


Dancing Willow said...

Wow, this story gave me chills!

pquantock said...

the family missed you Scott!!!