Friday, November 2, 2007

Lab work at the Maryland Historical Trust

What a start to the lab process this week! After all of our hard work during the volunteer weekend there was a lot of washing to be done and almost all of it is done! Now that is only the start of the artifact analysis that we must do. With the help of several volunteers over the past two days over three quarters of the artifacts have been washed.

Not only does having multiple people wash the artifacts make things go smoother and faster we also have some fun and get to see up close all of the great things pulled out of the ground. There were several pieces of Rhenish ware, creamware, and plenty of architectural debris that came up along with Native American pottery (Potomac Creek Corded to be exact) and projectile points. One thing in particular caught my eye, a pipe stem that had been imbedded into a wall as part of the plaster! It's always the little things that catch my eye.

Next week we will be back in the lab on Wednesday finishing the washing and starting to rebag and catalog the collection to date. So come on out and join us at the Maryland Historical Trust this coming Wednesday. Again our thanks go out to all of our volunteers and the Trust for allowing us to use their lab.


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