Saturday, November 3, 2007

Grants and Lab Happenings

Yes, we were slackers yesterday. None of us posted a blog, so let me catch you up on what has been happening.

Through two of our sponsoring organizations, we have received two grants:
Southern Maryland Heritage Area Consortium: $1,000
Preservation Maryland: $3,000
We greatly appreciate their help.

These two grants help us maintain momentum until we can arrange more long-term funding. April and I have prepared, and are in the process of preparing, additional grant applications. Because of the difficulties that grants--"soft money"--present for long-term planning, we are trying to fine a more reliable source to underwrite efforts at Port Tobacco.

Lest you think we spend all of our time panhandling, I'd like to report that our next lab day at the Maryland Historical Trust (Wednesday,November 7, 9AM to 3PM) should complete the task of washing all of the artifacts from our late October volunteer weekend. Many thanks to Stephen, John, and Walt for their help. Of course, we still need to catalogue and re-bag all of that material...and there is a we will continue lab days on Wednesdays, and perhaps some Thursdays and Fridays, through November. Let us know if you can help.

Special note for candidates in the Archeological Society of Maryland's Certified Archeological Technician program: I am amenable to organizing workshops over the next few months. Let me know where and when.


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