Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Work Continues At The Office

After a very successful volunteer weekend at Port Tobacco, it is time to clean, catalog, analyze artifacts and update our map on AutoCAD. Today I have been spending the day updating our map and entering our STP information into our database. This information is very important to our research and also helps us keep up to date on where we have excavated and what areas need to be focused on the next time we are out in the field.

I was excited to find out that a gunflint was found during this past weekend's excavations. Since I do not know much about them, I will be doing my own research tonight so stay tuned for an update on gunflints later this week!

April and Jim are working hard on getting grant applications ready to be sent out so we can get back into the field soon. Not only do they work hard in the field but they work hard during office days and well into the nights on the Port Tobacco Archaeological Project.

Tomorrow will be spent much like today as well as heading to the Maryland Historical Trust to drop off equipment and our artifacts for cleaning and identification.

- Peter

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