Sunday, October 21, 2007


Testing of the field where two probable earthfast buildings were located.

The artifact density was not as high in this field but the artifacts date to earlier time periods than elsewhere on the site.

The last day of the volunteer weekend was much like the first. A volunteer crew of 16 assisted the project staff in excavating approximately 25 shovel test pits. We also put our crack team of Peter, Carol, and Lucy on the excavation unit that we began on Saturday. The unit explored a brick and mortar foundation area in front of the courthouse, an area that is depicted as open space on all the late 1800s town maps. Unfortunately the limited artifacts from the unit make it impossible to assign a date to this building at this time.

Thank you to the 50 volunteers who donated their time this weekend. Special thanks to Shelia, who provided lunch for everyone on Saturday, and Carol, who was my right-hand assistant every day.

Check back all this week for photos and stories from the weekend.


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