Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Volunteer Weekend Prep

The team spent the day preparing for the volunteer weekend at Port Tobacco.

We laid in several shovel test pit transects to sample the Wade House, Centennial Hotel, and jailhouse properties, and the western portion of the village green (in front of the courthouse). Those 60 stps should keep us busy for awhile. We also brought out most of the ceramics from the previous courthouse and St. Charles hotel excavations. These artifacts have been stored in the courthouse since its reconstruction and are in need of basic sorting and identifcation; the perfect makings of a workshop on historic ceramics.

The preparations continue well after the end of the field day. This evening we are busy preparing site forms and other paperwork and loading extra supplies into the truck.

The forecast is calling for some rain on Friday, but the volunteer weekend will go on rain or shine. There is plenty of work to be done inside the courthouse. And honestly, when was the last time we had an all-day rain storm in southern Maryland? ...although I may have just jinxed us!


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LarryC said...

So this is field work??!! Looks like fun!