Friday, October 19, 2007

Friday in Photos

Many of the day's volunteers were ready to work by 9am.

The STPs in the transect just south of the church foundation encountered a variety of deposits, including building foundations, cellars, and a deep sand and gravel bed that may be an old stream bed.

Scott shows off an historic shotgun shell fragment just as a hunter is shooting off a rifle in the woods nearby.

Some of our Certified Archaeological Technican volunteers, hard at work.

A tobacco pipe stem that is covered in mortar. Pipes have been found in building mortar at other sites in the region. Reduce, reuse, recycle.

One of the deep STPs that is likely inside a cellar hole.

A screen full of coal and building debris.

Volunteers in pink!

Sometimes two Ph.D.'s are better than one.

Sometimes a digging bar is needed to loosen up the soil.

A well organized line.

One heavy rain strorm forced us into the courthouse for an hour.

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