Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Rocky Vacation

Greetings all -

While today's blog doesn't have to do with an archaeological site directly, it does have to do with the future of archaeology...

(DU Campus)

I just returned from a three day visit to Denver Colorado where I will be attending graduate school in the fall to get my Masters in Anthropology at the University of Denver.

(Sturm Hall - my new home!)

I met with staff, professors and students during my visit. Everyone seems to be very focused and energetic about all aspects of Anthropology and Archaeology. I look forward to spending the next two years there gaining a better understanding of it all for myself.

(The Rocky Mountains)

They have several superb professors at DU focusing on things ranging from colonialism in Mozambique, WWII Japanese internment camps, ground-penetrating radar, and the archaeology of place and identity to name a few.

I leave at the end of August and will post updates on my progress when I will Kelley down at William & Mary.

See you in the trenches soon I hope...including tomorrow, Thursday May 27th at the Burch House!!

- Peter

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Ken Wedding said...

Congrats. Denver is a great place and the mountains are wonderful even if you don't ski.