Monday, February 1, 2010

The real LeCroy

Scott is indeed correct! Last week's mystery point was a rhyolite LeCroy point from Elizabeth Hills in St. Mary's county, though I have to admit Scott seems suspiciously knowledgeable about the site...almost as if he worked on it... Anyway, Lecroy projectile points are typically associated with Early to Middle Archaic sites, and have been found along most of the Eastern coast and into the Midwest.

For this week's mystery artifact we are diving back into historic artifacts. The one pictured below was found this past fall when we were working in the area around the Swann House foundation. This one should not be too tough, so feel free to guess!



Victoria said...

It looks like what you'd put on the top of a glass bottle that you opened... a wine stopper?

Anonymous said...

Hello from Illinois! Glad to see you guys posting again - I missed you last week!

Is the artifact a decanter stopper with a ball finial?

Take care!

Anonymous said...

A glass or crystal perfume bottle stopper? Or wine/port stopper.