Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Note from Florida

Bonnie and I return home today from the annual conference of the Society for Historical Archaeology. April and the Heidelberg Eight (students from the university that she brought to the conference) should be nearly home by now, setting forth on the long drive yesterday evening.

I think we got some interesting feedback on the two that will help us evaluate what we are doing at Port Tobacco.

I thank the GAC crew for soldiering on while I was gone and for their series of blogs about the equipment that we use to recover not only artifacts, but information, from archaeological deposits.

In reference to Anne's blog yesterday about metal detecting, I thought I would mention that we are beginning to experiment with the instrument to identify the locations of buildings on badly eroded sites where little else might remain other than nails and other hardware. I expect we will have some fairly interesting results to report in a few months based on work on a number of sites in Prince George's County.

I look forward to getting back into the trenches.


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