Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year

There were no comments or guesses on last week's Guess the Artifact. I'm sure faithful followers were just consumed, like we were, with the holiday chaos and resulting urge to sleep for a very long time.

Now its a brand New Year and we can return to normalcy.

Last week's Mystery Artifact was...Fire-Cracked Rock!
Don't let the lowly name fool you; FCR is an important indicator on Prehistoric sites. In the Mid-Atlantic region, FCR is usually quartz or quartzite. The photo in last weeks blog was quartzite FCR. These lithics are created when the stones used in a fire pit or hearth were split and/or reddened by the heat. FCR breaks are angular and often have several faces.

And now for this week's Mystery Artifact(s):


Obviously these are nails, but there are three different types of nails. Can you guess which nail is which type?


Comrade M said...

Nail A appears to be a common, square cut nail; B also looks like its square cut, but based on its smaller size, its probably a roofing, or maybe siding nail; C is a wire nail.

(I'm not at all sure if any of that is what you're looking for in an answer)

Anne said...

You are close, 2 out 3. Can anyone help out Comrade M?

Scott said...

Is the other nail wrought?