Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Digging into Swann Cellar

Sorry...no pictures today.

Pete, Anne, and Kelley started excavating a 5 ft by 5 ft unit into the northeast corner of the Swann House cellar hole. The upper horizon, as expected, produced a large number of 20th-century artifacts, confirming our suspicion that the entire site is covered with recent sediments.

The team excavated into what appears to be underlying demolition rubble. We collected, among other things, a half-gallon plastic bleach bottle. Again, such finds confirm our suspicion that the building was razed in the 1960s and the pile of stone and 1950s automobile parts result from grading of the site.

Not to worry, though; we have encountered much earlier, undisturbed deposits around the building and fully expect to find intact deposits in the cellar, beneath the rubble.

We expect to return to Port Tobacco on Friday. That may be the last field day for awhile as the GAC crew focuses on projects in neighboring counties.


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