Monday, November 30, 2009

Can you identify the artifact?

Every Monday (if possible, given our varying lab/field schedule), we will post a brief description and picture of an artifact for you, our loyal reader, to identify! The following week we will post the answer, along with another object. If you get stumped do not fret, but e-mail one of us or comment and we will see if we can provide some additional hints. However, since this is the first week we will start you all off easy.

This stoneware is immediately identifiable by its gray to white coloring and its "orange peel" pitted surface. While some vessels of this type were slipped, others were decorated with molded patterns such as barley, basketweave, or diaper and dot.

See? This should be very least for this week! Tune in next Monday for the answer!



Scott said...

Am I allowed to make a guess?

Jim said...

Sure, Scott; but you had better get it right.

Scott said...

Since I am pretty sure I know, I'll let someone else try.

Scott said...

Okay. Seems like no takers. It's either white salt-glazed stoneware or tupperware.