Monday, October 12, 2009

Swann site update

Sorry, no pictures today. We had a crew of seven today working on the Swann site. Lots of oyster shell and lots of artifacts. My read on the artifacts particularly the ceramics, is that we have a site occupied from around 1800 (creamware and pearlware, but no white salt-glazed stoneware) through the first half of the 19th century (Mid-Atlantic slipware and quite a few large sherds of Rockingham yellowware.

We recovered quite a few nails--both handwrought and machine-cut--but no wire nails that I noticed.

Tomorrow we are moving farther into the hedgerow by about 25 ft to excavate another 5 ft by 5 ft unit. Then we are likely to swing south and approach a large pile of building stone that likely represents the stone foundation and cellar hole of the Swann House.

Because of some tight scheduling and other commitments, I probably will not post any photographs until later in the week.

Remember: tomorrow evening at the Port Tobacco courthouse Dr. Julie King will report on her research in Charles County this past summer.


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