Sunday, September 27, 2009

St. Nicholas Wrapping Up

Rather than work on Port Tobacco material, I spent Saturday at St. Nicholas Cemetery with Scott and Laurie. Batteries in my camera died, so I do not have any pictures. We resurrected 17 markers (possibly a record, for us, for most recovered in one day), and that places us within two field days of completing the recovery phase of the restoration. (We still need to plumb a few markers and fill in some depressions.)

With luck, we will finish the effort, the largest of its kind in the area, and possibly in the State of Maryland, within days of the sixth anniversary of our first day recovering markers. Looking around us after re-erecting the last monument for the day, I was impressed with what we had accomplished and, briefly, wondered what the hell motivated us to undertake such a massive and physically demanding project. Probably one of those brief bits of insanity that we all experience from time to time.



Scott said...

Who's more insane? You for supporting the effort or me for starting it?

Jim said...

Sometimes one treats mental illness by working within the delusion of the afflicted in the hope that he or she might eventually emerge from the fantasy and accept that which prompted their escape from reality.

Jean said...

I just found you blog after years of research into my Logsdon ancestors. My first gr-grandfather (William) settled in Port Tobacco in late 1600 and was an indentured servant there. I have some land documents which you have probably already seen. I will look forward to following your blog in the future. I think he had moved northward to the Frederick area before his death - but can't find any proof yet. Thanks for the work you are doing.
Jean Logsdon E.

Scott said...

Glad I could help you.