Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Decoding the Past: The 1970's Excavations

Earlier this summer, we came across some notes on earlier excavations at Port Tobacco. More specifically, notes from the excavations around the St. Charles Hotel and the Village Green from the early 1970's.

We knew that these excavations were done by advocational archaeologists. We also knew that there were artifacts, an artifact catalog, and notes taken during the excavations. We've even seen some of the recovered artifacts. What we didn't know was where all the notes and artifacts went! And once we found them, could we read them? That last part is becoming easier as I reread and reread and redraw the notes and drawings. However, it does take me back to my field school where at the end of our second day, we were given notes from a previous years' excavation and told to answer a series of questions given only the notes from the excavation team. Needless to say, it was nearly impossible with some of them.

My point? Good note taking is crucial! (Hhmmmm...I think I've heard that before!)

While there is much missing from these notes, I believe we have enough to get a general overview of what was done and where, and quite possibly decipher the labels on the artifacts from the courthouse!

Once I get a better handle on all of this, I will post again with some analysis.

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