Friday, September 4, 2009

Carol Cowherd

Carol Cowherd has been more than a regular volunteer since the beginning of the Port Tobacco Archaeological Project...she has been an integral part of the team. This week's eye-on-the-team piece highlights Carol (photograph, right, working with Tom Forhan on initial town survey).

Carol trained as a chemist and brings the chemist's concern for detailed observation and recording to the archaeological enterprise. I don't know from where she gets her energy and commitment, both qualities that served her well as an early successful candidate in the Archeological Society of Maryland's Certified Archeological Technician program.

Readers may recall two recent blogs on town layout research, one of which was posted yesterday. Peter and I made significant progress in this effort early in the year, but Carol has been carrying the ball for the past few months and making measurable progress. She may be close to cracking the nut on how the town was lotted and where those lots are on the current landscape.

Apart from an interest in tropical fishes that Carol shares with her husband, she is a regular volunteer at the Maryland Archaeological Conservation laboratory and serves as vice-president of the newly formed Charles County Archaeological Society.

Hats off to Carol Cowherd!


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