Thursday, August 6, 2009


From the same context as the bone handle fragment (Stratum 2, Unit 52, Compton Field), the PTAP team recovered this bit of twisted brass wire. No, it isn't a paper clip with which some nervous or bored clerk played while anticipating the wrath of his Scrooge-like employer. This is an eye from a hook-and-eye set used on clothing...sort of a two piece button that still serves the purpose in some modern clothing.

This particular specimen is about three-eighths of an inch long.

Such clothing closures were common at least from the early 17th century onward. A few appear on virtually any extensive excavation of an American site. Because they do appear, but in small numbers, analysts have difficulty gleaning any information from hooks and eyes. As a result, one or both parts are listed in artifact catalogues and appear in some report photographs, usually grouped with a miscellany of small, unusual finds; but any further discussion generally is limited to a description of function and frequency...more than a bit like this blog.

Whether or not we can squeeze any information out of it remains to be seen when we more fully develop the context after completing the general catalog.


P.S. A note about yesterday's blog: I reported a sixth pie--blueberry--which the crew swears did not exist; however, I noticed blue stains on several articles of clothing.

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