Saturday, August 15, 2009

Shade-Tree Archaeologists

Working in the shade, a light wind blowing out of the south, the Saturday lab day at Port Tobacco was pleasant, even relaxing.

Scott, Carol (left) and Elsie (right) washed their way through several more bags of material recovered this spring. Lots of Colonial period artifacts.

I brought back about 40 pounds of artifacts that had been cleaned and re-bagged from the previous two weekends. That should keep our erstwhile cataloguers--Anne and Kelley--busy for awhile.

The Gibb Archaeological Consulting (GAC) team continues to balance a busy schedule of archaeological survey and testing for private clients and research and analysis of the Port Tobacco material. Despite recessions, wars, and reality television, the quest for the past continues unabated and at a rapid pace. Now and then, though, a quiet few hours washing artifacts in the shade is welcome.


PS. In the spirit of full disclosure, I didn't wash a single artifact. I provided guidance...which is to say, I talked and slowed progress.

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