Friday, August 21, 2009

PTAP Team Profile-Cathy

We often talk about the Port Tobacco Archaeological Project team in these blogs, but none of us has ever written about just what that team comprises. Who are the members of the PTAP team?

At the core of the team is the staff of Gibb Archaeological Consulting (GAC, pronounced like the Klingon delicacy of extraterrestrial live coelenterates, or just clear your throat), which is my company. We also have numerous volunteers, many of whom are members of the Charles County Archaeological Society and the Archeological Society of Maryland. We also work closely and productively with several government employees, particularly those working for Charles County.

Starting last week, I've committed myself to introducing the various members each Friday. Last week it was Anne Hayward, one of my staffers, in one of her lighter moments. She'll return to these pages soon with more about herself. This week's PTAPer in the news is Cathy Hardy.

Cathy is the Historic Sites Planner for Charles County. She was instrumental in getting me involved in Port Tobacco and has played a vital role in the development of the project and in building cordial relations with County government and the community, as well as in securing resources for the team. Cathy is also the mastermind behind recent restoration of the Burch House, the PTAP field headquarters.

This is an especially good time to introduce Cathy: next week she will wed Jeff, a local restoration craftsman and a damned good hand with a shovel. Pictured with them is Nina, a prospective PTAP team member.

The big wedding day is August 29. On behalf of the rest of the PTAP team, thank you for working with us and three cheers: huzzah! huzzah! huzzah!


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