Friday, June 26, 2009

Today was a day of finishing up some paperwork and units, then
starting a new unit. The unit we started today is in the Indian King
Hotel area, and should expose what we believe is a building stone
which will hopefully point us in the direction to dig next.
The building stone metioned previously may be a boundary stone . A
boundary stone can tell us were the property lines were in the past.
Finding one will allow us to put all the buildings in place.

We have several questions to answer today. The first we shall address
is the makers mark question, what kind of marks do you find from the
Civil War. There are a lot of different marks that could be found
associated with the time period. Most ceramics at this time were being
imported from England, many Americans feeling that English ceramics
were superior to American-made. The most common mark design in England
at this time is a design based on the British coat of arms. Why? It
was just a fad.
As to the second question "Is there any historic documentation that
suggests that Port Tobbacco had taverns ." The answer is yes; deed and
newspaper reseach suggest that Port Tobbacco had a number of Inns,
boarding houses, taverns and hotels at various times in the town's

Thanks to Carol for coming out today! Tomorrow we plan to get some lab
work done in addition to continuing excavations outside. We hope to
see you out here!

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