Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thursday Triumphs

The highlight of the day was Gabrielle Tayac's talk on Piscataway
culture. PTAP is consulting with the Piscataway in our search for the
village of Potobac.

The ASM volunteers spent a lot of time today on interpretation of
their units. They praticed their soil descriptions, feature
definition, and mapping and profile drawing skills.

We clarified the situation in the cemetery area. The gravel filled
grave shaft of last year are beginning to reappear. We need to reopen
those units from last year tomorrow.

We finished two units in the church area. Those were slowed by
intrusive rodent burrows. Tomorrow we will remove a midden feature
from that area and excavate two of the postmolds to date those features.

The Native American area was again alive with many artifacts from
multiple time periods. Tomorrow we will finish exposing the brick and
mortar feature that spans 9 units and begin sampling that.

Artifact find of the day was a wig curler.

April M. Beisaw


Anonymous said...

Is that "grave shaft?"

Jim said...

Yes, grave shaft. Blog editor goofed. Come to think of it, we do not have an editor.