Thursday, May 7, 2009

And Police the Camp!

Can't say I know much about Union Army protocols, but if they were anything like those of the 20th century, soldiers spent a good part of their time cleaning camps and barracks--policing the site--which would leave little for archaeologists to find. At the Union encampment we did recover some kitchen wares (ceramics, eating utensils) and clothing items (buttons). Their distributions appear in the map below.

There are two concentrations, one in the center of the site and the other in the southeast quadrant. Are these actual tent sites? Can we distinguish between the campsites of officers (the southeast) and enlisted men (center) ?

We are a long way from identifying individual tent sites, much less attributing them to different ranks, but we can use our survey results to pose hypotheses, as I've done yesterday and today, and to develop appropriate methods and strategies for testing those hypotheses.


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