Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sign Contest

It's contest time again!

As part of the Preserve America grant we need a project sign on site. We would like something semi-permanent or permanent in place with the option of changing the sign to fit whatever is going on at the site whether that be a volunteer weekend, our sponsors, etc. The physical design will be decided later, however, if you have ideas about that we would love your input as well.

What we want from you, dear readers, is the artistic side of the design as the team is ill suited for the job.

Of course there are a few requirements:
- our logo and project name
- the following statement: "Conspiracy! Port Tobacco and the Plot to Assassinate President Lincoln is being supported in part by a Preserve America grant administered by the National Park Service, Department of the Interior."

That's it. Questions, ideas, comments, and submissions can be directed to any of the PTAP team.

- Peter

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