Sunday, March 29, 2009

Preliminary Assessment of Union Encampment

Although the analysis has not yet been completed, my preliminary impression of what we found at the Union encampment outside of Port Tobacco is that there were one or more structures present, suggesting a stay of more than a few nights. It is possible that the soldiers constructed a temporary corral for their horses, both carpentry nails and equestrian hardware (horseshoes, horseshoe nails, and a buckle or two) seemingly clustered in the western portion of the site.

Ordnance (minie balls, caps) appeared to be clustered in the eastern portion of the site, suggesting tent locations for officers or enlisted men.

We still aren't sure what kind of unit bivouacked at this location. Currently, it looks to be a cavalry unit, but we'll see.

This is just one of several Union encampments in the area and, as the PTAP crew noted in an earlier blog, Union soldiers also were billeted in town, occupying the courthouse and the Indian King Hotel.


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